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We help coaches, trainers, experts and thought leaders develop their influence and grow their impact (and income) so they will attract, engage, inspire, help more clients and serve more people 

And Leave A Deep, Lasting Legacy For A Better World.


Hello!  I'm Juan Carlos - Global Success Coach, Elite Legacy Mentor,  Certified High Performance Coach, International Business  Strategist, Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

As a Servant Leader, I'm still learning, and as committed as ever to helping you live with more happiness and fulfillment... to the next level of success and significance.

I keep growing, and I stand here before you not as an expert, but as a humble servant dedicated to you, the leader.... who lives to give and gives to live.

Together we will experience the joy when you FINISH WELL by deeply touching humanity, leaving lasting footprints and passing the baton to future generations.


Amplify Your Influence. Inspire People. Impact Results.

Our Mission


Serving millions global visionaries
with love and joy
So we will make a deeper & lasting impact in the world
through world-class mastery programs
by the year 2026,
so that humankind evolves...

Are YOU One Of These Leaders?

It is about being known for making a difference

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There's Influence... And Then There's Lasting Influence.

Simply put, influence is shared messages that have impact.

They're the messages that shape your life legacy, the footprint of your story, and your marks that inspire people to take action and follow you... not just for today, but also well into the future.

Influence is kind of like a million little speakers or writers sowing your seeds for you.

But the leadership world as we know it is changing, fast.

People's "BS meters" are going through the roof.  They are now used to being bombarded by thousands of superficial messages vying for their attention.  Yet they want to engage with real, authentic leaders.  Now, more than ever, false power tactics and baseless hooks don't work.  Those that need your leadership care about who you are, what your values are, and how you consistently show up as a person and as a mission.

How do you do this?

Through lasting influence -those shared messages- that impact your audience with depth, breadth and continuity.


Need Help Discovering How To Connect Your Message And Mission In a Lasting Way?

Do you know you're playing smaller than you're really capable of right now with your lasting influence?

Do you feel like you are the bottleneck that's holding you back from achieving greater influence and impact?

Is it important that your impact and influence feel truly lasting to you and your mission?


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