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Entrepreneur Coaching allows high achievers to run a better business and create a different life.


How Can You Serve Your Clients Better?

Our unique business coaching program starts with a focus on growth in every area of business and life, and from that flows the freedom and fulfillment  every entrepreneur dreams of.  In our sessions, we see those dreams become reality every time - making an impact in this world (and in themselves).

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I work with audacious entrepreneurs and business owners who want to change the world (and their industries) for the better and make a difference. Top entrepreneurial leaders and thought leaders (successful coaches, consultants and experts) who know they have incredible skill and profound talent to offer to humankind. I provide the guidance, connections and expertise to take it to the place of their dreams... to the next level and to a whole NEW level.

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BUILD LEADERS: Insights. - Survival > Security > Success > Significance.

BE MORE (Get Performance)

UNLOCK and Access Your Highest Human PotentialBECOME the person you most want to be and CREATE the ideal lifestyle you really want - the one you don't need a vacation from. DISCOVER YOUR POTENTIAL.

ACHIEVE RESULTS: Growth. - Discovery > Spark > Sustain > Amplify.

DO MORE (Get Achievement)

UPGRADE the Way You Think, Feel and Perform: ACHIEVE real success consistently in all areas of your life and live a life that matters, meaningful - passion purpose peace.  GROW TO THE NEXT LEVEL.

TRANSFORM LIVES: Impact. - individual > family > community > country.

HAVE MORE (Get Transformation)

EXTEND Your Impact To Your Loved Ones :  LIVE your life.  Make your mark.  Amplify your lasting impact.  True significance. ABOVE AND BEYOND TRANSFORMATION.

ESTABLISH LEGACIES: Contribution. - make a difference > make a mark > lasting legacy > finish well.

GIVE MORE (Get Fulfillment)

EXPAND Your Reach To The World: LIVE and LEAVE a Legacy. Contribute to future generations... so the human species evolve.  CONTRIBUTE ON A NEW LEVEL.

Hi!  I'm Juan Carlos.  I'm a man of faith, a firm believer and a regular guy committed to serving humanity with love and joy. I'm a grateful father of two amazing boys. I was born in Lima, Peru and currently living in Miami, Florida. 

As a best-selling author and executive coach who serves different kinds of clients from around the world, I have been privileged to feature on several TV and Radio stations within and outside the United States.  I have been opportune to interact and learn directly from some of the world's leading experts in  personal growth and business development over the years.

I believe in giving without remembering and taking without forgetting.  I live life to express, not to impress.  I LIVE TO GIVE... and give to live. My life's purpose isn't what I do, isn't how I do it but why I do it.   I work for a cause, not for applause.  I believe in simple acts of love and kindness.  I stand up for something - compassion, empathy and capability. There is value in every person.

I'm here to share my discoveries with you, so you (your family, your team and your community) can experience all the joy and bliss of living with more time, people purpose, location and financial freedom.

And this is what I'm learning: I'm collecting, symbolizing, categorizing and synthesizing strategies, tools and training from the world's high achievers. I'm constantly creating and building new programs. This way, you will have it in simple and clear way, so you can start taking small steps that will give you big, significant and lasting results.

Let's work together.

Juan Carlos

PS. Because someone extended their hand to me one day, I am here for you. I am doing my part now. Thank You Mentors!

"In the end,  it is the people we touch,  the relationships we build, and the contribution we make that give our lives meaning."

"His knowledge in personal growth is impressive."

Jo-Anne Gilbert, PhD.
Doctor in Kinesiology

"He is an incredible human being."

Katerina Satori
Business & Leadership Coach

"One of the most inspirational and influential people I know."

Angela Marie Telthorst
Director of Philanthropy

"His heart, mind and soul are open to help elevate you beyond your wildest dreams."

Marisol Teijeiro
Naturopathic Doctor

"I wish I found this system earlier in my career."

Dr. Jussi Eerikainen
Cardiologist, International Bestseller Writer

"Thank you so much. I learned a lot."

Brendon Burchard
# 1 New York Times best-selling author

I Am Passionate About Enhancing Your Potential And Upgrading Your Productivity Along With Guiding You To Achieve Your Goals With Ease. 

... And Together, We Transform Lives.











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