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My Story

I used to define my level of success in life by outside measures. Everything was wrapped up in what kind of car I drove, the type of clothing I wore, and what neighborhood I lived in. More zeroes in my bank account meant more happiness, theoretically.

But in reality, it took losing everything I thought gave my life meaning to find my true purpose and calling. When the market turned in 2008, I found myself facing divorce, financial battles, and the demise of a multi-million dollar business.

And this was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because as I watched life as I knew it crumble before my eyes, I recognized that I was being given a phenomenal opportunity to overcome the obstacles I faced and to reach a much greater -- a much deeper -- level of significance.

I realized that the business I had built did not define me. I defined the business. This meant that I was completely capable of building a new financially viable business - one that was more aligned with my core values and ultimate goals. I asked myself what I truly desired to do with my life, and I knew without hesitation that my next venture would be helping other high-powered individuals find clarity, increase their impact, income, and build lives of lasting significance.

Meet Juan Carlos

Hello!  I'm Juan Carlos - Success Coach, Business Mentor, Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

I'm still learning, and as committed as ever to helping you live with more happiness and fulfillment... to the next level of success and significance.  I keep growing, and I stand here before you not as an expert, but as a humble servant dedicated to you, the leader.... who lives to give and gives to live.

Together we will learn, grow and experience the joy when you make an impact in people's life.  When you make your mark on someone, on history and contribute to the world. You will be remembered for your actions and "finish well" by deeply touching humanity, leaving lasting footprints and passing the baton to future generations.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, trained by the world's best leaders in personal growth and business development, I'm dedicated to helping you level up and master your person power to be your best, do your best, have your best and give your best.  When we work together, you gain the benefit of more than two decades at the leading-edge of peak performance training, mentoring and coaching. I specialize in helping high achievers reach next-level success and significance, both personally and professionally.

Throughout my career, I have achieved incredible dreams, including becoming a best-selling author of two books - The Success Start and The Big Question, with my friend, Larry King. I also recently served as executive producer for Larry’s special, The Voice of a Generation. And I’ve enjoyed many additional high-profile moments, including interviewing Jack Canfield in Hollywood, CA and Times Square, NYC, being featured on major TV networks worldwide, providing keynote addresses to large global agencies including the UN, and enjoying a private meetings with global leaders including former US President W. George Bush.

But I came from a background with tremendous obstacles and crippling circumstances… which was as crucial to my success as anything else.

With thanks and respect to my mentors, including personal development legends John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard, my life’s work has been built on the premise that there is no higher calling than attaining self-fulfillment - and then committing to exponential expansion to allow your talents and spirit to improve yourself, improve others within your community, throughout your country, the world and humanity as a whole.

Like me, by aligning your core values with your life and mission (work) and focusing in on your goals, both financial and purpose-driven, you’ll extend your impact and expand your reach. My approach blends the best in personal growth with my elite experience in business development. 

Through years of experience, I'm able to quickly identify impediments to growth and create actionable strategies to remove them in a lasting way. Together we’ll get you to unlock, upgrade and amplify your success.  We’ll also make sure you attain lasting significance, and not just fleeting success.

I’m here for you with world-class programs and incredible mastermind opportunities to accelerate your achievements, amplify your impact, and change your life, for the best.

Here’s to you being more, doing more, having more and giving more.

With gratitude,

-Juan Carlos

Our Mission

Serving global leaders with love, wisdom and joy so we will make a deeper & lasting impact in the world through Global Wisdom Council and mastery programs, so that humankind evolves...


LEADING IN A CHANGING WORLD - Never stop believing in the power of your ideas, your imagination and your hard work to change the world.


NOBODY'S PATH IS PERFECT - Your path might not be perfect, but that imperfect path will lead you to the perfect purpose for your life.


LIFE IS TOO SHORT - Hug a little longer, love a little longer, forgive a little sooner and smile a little sweeter.


THE WORLD NEEDS YOU - You can not go back and make a new start but you can start from right now and make a brand new ending.


THERE IS VALUE IN EVERY PERSON - Imagine a world where millions of children are given the chance to learn and grow.


DOING GOOD THINGS - Leaving Your Mark Behind. On Someone. On History. Dare to live until the end.


WINNING A TROPHY - merely collects 5 minutes of pride, but giving 100% and finishing what I started, collects a lifetime of meaning.

Live simply. Laugh often. Love deeply.

I VALUE HUMILITY ABOVE ALL VIRTUES - If we don't get a miracle, we can become someone's miracle. Finish well.

A Life Well Lived. A Life Well Played.

At the end of my life, I want to look back and realize that my life was a beautiful journey. That I gave not out of abundance, but out of lack. I hope to be remembered as a man who loved people, who touched lives, who created change, who ignited love.

"When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached,  don't adjust your goals, adjust your action steps." -Confucius

"You can gain great things from what he teaches"

Mike Perrigew
#1 Amazon Best Selling Author, Entrepreneur

"I'll go to him for anything that I needed help or support with"

Monica Hershaft
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"He studied from the best sources possible."

Fabiana Panetta
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"That is a super rare quality you have"

Petra Rolander
High Performance Coach, Entrepreneur

"I am so thankful for being part of your life."

Andrea Delucia
Financial Advisor

"I was able to find direction and guidance."

Rex Anderson
Attorney, Entrepreneur

"Be the one who nurtures and builds.  Leave people better than you found them." -Marvin J. Ashton

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