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Hello!  I'm Juan Carlos - Global Success Coach, Elite Legacy Mentor,  Certified High Performance Coach, International Business  Strategist, Best-Selling Author and Speaker.

As a Servant Leader, I'm still learning, and as committed as ever to helping you live with more happiness and fulfillment... to the next level of success and significance.

I keep growing, and I stand here before you not as an expert, but as a humble servant dedicated to you, the leader.... who lives to give and gives to live.

Together we will experience the joy when you FINISH WELL by deeply touching humanity, leaving lasting footprints and passing the baton to future generations.

As a Certified High Performance Coach, trained by the world's best leaders in personal growth and business development, I'm dedicated to helping you level up and master your person power to be your best, do your best, have your best and give your best.

When you work with me, you gain the benefit of more than two decades at the leading-edge of peak performance training, mentoring and coaching. I specialize in helping high achievers reach next-level success and significance, both personally and professionally.

Throughout my career, I have achieved incredible dreams, including becoming a best-selling author of two books - The Success Start and The Big Question, with my friend, Larry King. I also recently served as executive producer for Larry’s special, The Voice of a Generation. And I’ve enjoyed many additional high-profile moments, including interviewing Jack Canfield in Times Square, NYC and Hollywood, CA, being featured on major TV networks worldwide, providing keynote addresses to large global agencies including the UN, and enjoying a private meeting with former US President W. George Bush.

But I came from a background with tremendous obstacles and crippling circumstances… which was as crucial to my success as anything else.

With thanks and respect to my mentors, including personal development legends John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins and Brendon Burchard, my life’s work has been built on the premise that there is no higher calling than attaining self-fulfillment - and then committing to exponential expansion to allow your talents and spirit to improve yourself, improve others within your community, throughout your country, the world and humanity as a whole.

Like me, by aligning your core values with your life and mission (work) and focusing in on your goals, both financial and purpose-driven, you’ll extend your impact and expand your reach. My approach blends the best in personal growth with my elite experience in business development. 

Through years of experience, I'm able to quickly identify impediments to growth and create actionable strategies to remove them in a lasting way. Together we’ll get you to unlock, upgrade and amplify your success.

We’ll also make sure you attain lasting significance, and not just fleeting success.

I’m here for you with world-class programs and incredible mastermind opportunities to accelerate your achievements, amplify your impact, and change your life, for the best.

Here’s to you being more, doing more, having more and giving more.

With gratitude,

-Juan Carlos


Amplify Your Influence. Inspire People. Impact Results.

Our Mission

Serving millions global visionaries with love and joy
So we will make a deeper & lasting impact in the world
through world-class mastery programs by the year 2026,
so that humankind evolves...

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There Is Value In Every Person

Imagine a world where millions of children are given the chance to learn and grow. 

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Believe. Belong. Become. Beyond.

A message to my boys:  “Sometimes the journey is lonely but it doesn’t mean is wrong...”

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