How To Achieve More By Attracting Instead Of Chasing


There’s a fine line between chasing and attracting. We all want to be successful in our goals. As we strive to build our business we may end up chasing down leads instead of attracting people or businesses to us. Chasing involves going after each individual and wearing them down over time. It’s hard work. Attracting comes naturally and has an organic feel to it that leads itself better to trust.


There are simple strategies to attract people which is far more impactful than chasing people. People naturally gravitate towards what they want. When they arrive at a place they were drawn to, they feel happy, relaxed and ready to learn or buy. But if you were to chase that same person, bombard them with your unsolicited solutions to their problems, they will feel trapped, hesitant to take the next steps or purchase anything from you.


Achieve more, by synthesizing your information and sharing freely. Share useful content on your blog or social media platforms and do so without charge. Become a reliable source for advice, information and guidance. The people you attract with this approach will develop trust in you and be ready to join you in any endeavor. 


Create a world-class product. What do I mean by that? Products don’t magically appear and they don’t sell all on their own. World-class products are well researched, provide solutions and naturally attract customers when you market them. Here are two steps that will help you discover a great product.


First, share and collaborate with others. With this you may gain a new perspective or way of doing something. Looking at problems from other people’s point of view will lead you to solutions you never thought of before. Getting feedback from peers can help you decide if this product is worth pursuing.


Second, develop a product that attracts people. By this I mean do something that will attract people naturally, so you don’t have to resort to tracking and chasing them down. People are attracted to high quality problem solvers and solutions.



Ask Three simple questions:


  1. What to share? This would be your product and information about your product.
  2. How to share? Will it be on your website, blog, ads or social media?
  3. When to share? Is your product dependent on a season, are their specific times your audience is online to view your information?


Once you share the information and you gain new clients or work, build a foundation to deal with your new success. Have all of your systems in place to onboard new clients, and get the workflow started. The last thing you want is people clamoring for your product and no way to deliver it to them. This does not project success. In other words, don’t turn on the faucet if you aren’t ready to catch the water.


So you see, there’s a big difference between chasing and attraction. Chase clients and you will always be running and hustling. Attract the right people for the right jobs and your success will grow.


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