How To Change Your Mind And Your Life


How do we change our thoughts? Sure, it sounds easy, but it's not that simple! Most of us impose limits on our achievements and our happiness by approaching life's problems and challenges with unnecessary negativity. You can change on a superficial level, but what if you want to change yourself in a deeper way? How do we start to change our way of thinking?


Here are five intuitive ways to change your mind and life:


  1. Part of your thinking comes from your embedded beliefs. What do you think about work, success, money, love, marriage, children; positive or negative? What you hold true to is probably born from your basic belief system. Your beliefs come from a mixture of how you were raised and what you have learned as an adult through education and personal experience.


  1. What do you value? Examples: family vs money or Health vs money. In some cases there have been successful people who have chosen money over their health or family and were not happy. They got the money, they got the accolades, but were still feeling empty inside. This is because they always put making money before health and relationships, two things we as humans need to feel happiness.


  1. What are your principles? These can include fairness, integrity, and honesty. If these are some of your principals you are faithful to them, rather than abandoning them when convenient. Determine your own worth rather than letting others define your worth. Principles and ethics are closely related. Your principles will guide you through tough business decisions and deal making. You will naturally want to interact with people who have the same principles as you.


  1. What is your culture? We have all types of culture, even as small as your own family. We develop a culture within our family members and community. Our culture comes from our parents and their ancestors and then grows to include our friends, neighbors and people we do business with. As Americans we have our own set beliefs and values compared to the rest of the world. Then there is also organizational culture. Corporations that have a strong and shared company culture has happier and more effective employees.


  1. What are your norms? Customs, norms, and law. What you find as acceptable behaviors and actions within yourself or others. A norm for you is an internalized belief that you hold so strongly that you don’t even have to think about it most of the time. If someone steps outside of your norm it might make you uncomfortable, that’s why we cultivate business missions and visions that layout what is more important to us when it comes to the business we are building.


These five insights will help you look deeper into yourself and why you think the way you do, by delving deeper you can start to change the way you think. If we have good thoughts, it leads us to positive feelings. After that, behaviour changes positively and leads to results.


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