How To Remove Fear And Achieve More

Uncategorized Feb 02, 2019

We have all experienced fear in our lifetime. Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of

pain, or fear of losing. As a businessperson or entrepreneur, you must learn to cope

with fear. A better way to use fear would be understand it and take advantage of what it teaches you.


If you have already started a business, you have proven you have heart,

wisdom, and success, but something else may be holding you back from a higher level of success.


Fear can rear its ugly head and stop you from reaching the next milestone in your life.

How do we remove fear and achieve more?


What Has Fear Ever Done For You?


Think about all the non-physical fear you have experienced in your life. How did this type of fear stop you from trying out a new sport or a new job? Maybe you were afraid of

being judged? Not being good enough? Fear can be irrational and lead to anxiety.

We know fear can impact your emotions, and this impacts your ability to make decisions.


Humans cannot love and hate at the same time. We cannot own two emotions at

the same time, our mind cannot process two pieces of feelings and act according to

both at the same time.


This works the same for fear. If you try to ignore it, you cannot and will not be able

to process that fear. You must face your fears in order to move forward.


The Trick To Defeating Fear


There is a trick to keep fear from taking root in your mind. If you are grateful you cannot

have fear. By practicing gratitude you learn to absolve your mind from fear. You will

learn thankfulness, gracefulness, and gratefulness in its place.


How do you practice these? Call five friends and let them know how thankful you are for

them being in your life, how their grace impacts your life, and how grateful you are that

they are in your life. By practicing gratitude, your mind will not have time to rationalize fear. If you speak it, you think it.


When you practice gratitude you remove your fear. By bringing that gratitude, you will

develop a habit of positive thinking therefore you will reprogram the way you

think, minimizing fear in your mind.


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