Massive Transformation Comes From Small Changes

Uncategorized Feb 06, 2019

Massive transformation need not be a big deal to make a big impact. What I mean by that, is small changes or shifts can have huge results in your business or even in your personal life.


Maybe you’ve come to a point where you realize that massive transformation is necessary but you are afraid that it will take too much time or effort away from other areas of your business or your life. Here are three ideas to implement if you want to develop a massive transformation for personal development:


  1. Big leaps in thoughts. If you want to change yourself, change the way you talk to yourself in your head. Focus on the positive, avoid complaints and negativity.


  1. Breakthrough in feelings. Changing your thoughts will naturally change your feelings. Remind yourself that positive or negative thoughts play a huge role in how you feel. The way you approach a problem or obstacle will also be greatly influenced by your positive or negative thoughts and feelings.


  1. Small shifts in behaviours/habits. Make small changes gradually over time. There is no need to change everything at once. Focus on one small daily goal, track it over time. Eventually it becomes a habit you no longer need to think about in order to do it. Think about physically tracking your small goals in writing, on a daily or weekly planner would be great. If you are having a tough time, find an accountability partner for mutual support.


The rewards are huge once you start on a self improvement massive transformation. These are the foundations to start your transformation. Concentrate, contemplate, and meditate on your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Know there are external sources affecting your transformation, but you want to change the ones you have control over. Make internal changes and progress will follow.


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