INTENSIVES 1-ON-1: Faster and Deeper

The Fast growth you dream about - Private

By Application Only

You know you have so much to offer in the form of your products and/or services, but you don't know how to share the benefits of your unique offerings with the world in a compelling way that makes people stop in their tracks and say, "I need that NOW!"

Together in our Intensives Sessions, we'll take a deep dive into The Ultimate Freedom System:  your personal time, your financial freedom, your work mission, your place and your people, so by the end of the day you walk out with a solid, complete A to Z game plan on how to execute your business.

You'll work in focused, 1-on-1 sessions with Juan Carlos to formulate your personalized success plan, which includes:

Ideal Client Strategies

Getting Clarity And Amplifying Influence

High Performance And Human Drives

Ultimate Freedom Framework 

THRIVE FULL-DAY DEEP DIVE - Your intimate, full 1-day intensive delivers clarity and specific steps on how to have it all - and how to give back accordingly. 

This intensive, full-day session is designed to quickly and  powerfully foster breakthroughs. Together we’ll select, prioritize, simplify and concentrate on your life and business to create a blueprint for deeper, lasting success and significance.

TRANSFORM 2-DAYS ADVANCED - Your one-on-one high performance session helps you uncover what's limiting and blocking you - plus help you release those stresses for greater success.

This intensive, will completely change how you feel, manage your day and influence others. With reaching your highest potential finally in sight,  we'll determine actionable steps to get you to the next level.  Better.  Faster. Farther.

TRANSCEND 7 DAY CHALLENGE - Learn about and become empowered by how the world’s most accomplished and influential people think.

You’ll gain energy and insight from being a part of this exclusive, highly motivated group who want, and receive, MORE… more success at work, more happiness, more passion in your relationships, more money, more energy, more productivity and more meaning.



Learn how easy growing exponentially can be.  You explore new strategies. You discover different perspectives. You experience greater relationships! That's our way.