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Joining a Mastermind is one of the quickest ways to uplevel all areas of your life. By surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals pursuing a common goal of personal development and increased significance, you will place yourself firmly on the path to greatness.


Are you tired of spending time, money, physical effort and mental energy finding clients - only to see that potential business fizzle out far too fast?  You're not alone!

Our high performance online mastermind will arm you with a new, proven, supercharged growth strategy so you (and your team) can use your authentic connective power to attract, convert and keep your ideal clients.

You'll gain and retain:

NEW PERSPECTIVE that broadens your view and opens you to more advanced levels of thinking.

NEW STRATEGIES, along with life-changing, advanced tools to make implementation easy profoundly effective.

NEW CONNECTIONS and influential friendships that open doors to the next level of life and achievement.  

You have achieved “success” in the eyes of the world. Yet you crave a life of lasting significance.

You’re busy building an empire, and you’re achieving all the business goals you set your sights on. Nonetheless, your forward momentum in the workplace has come at a high cost. You feel disconnected from your loved ones and unbalanced in your daily tasks. You’ve lost that clear, crisp vision of what you desire for your future. Under the weight of the responsibilities you shoulder in your career, you no longer visualize your desired outcomes with clarity.

But imagine this instead! You wake up energized, full of purpose and passion for what lies ahead of you. Your relationships with your family and inner circle are deep and powerful. Your work has significance far beyond the dollars that flow into your bank account, and your compensation continues to multiply. You’re contributing your unique skills, gifts and talents to the world in a majorly impactful way. You rest peacefully at night, because you know that you are on track toward leaving a lasting legacy.

Your relationships, both with others and with yourself, are the keys to your lasting significance.

I used to define my level of success in life by outside measures. Everything was wrapped up in what kind of car I drove, the type of clothing I wore, and what neighborhood I lived in. More zeroes in my bank account meant more happiness, theoretically.

But in reality, it took losing everything I thought gave my life meaning to find my true purpose and calling. When the market turned in 2008, I found myself facing divorce, financial battles, and the demise of a multi-million dollar business.

And this was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because as I watched life as I knew it crumble before my eyes, I recognized that I was being given a phenomenal opportunity to overcome the obstacles I faced and to reach a much greater -- a much deeper -- level of significance.

I realized that the business I had built did not define me. I defined the business. This meant that I was completely capable of building a new financially viable business - one that was more aligned with my core values and ultimate goals. I asked myself what I truly desired to do with my life, and I knew without hesitation that my next venture would be helping other high-powered individuals find clarity, increase their productivity, and build lives of lasting significance.

The High Performance Mastermind is Your Opportunity to Cultivate a Purposeful and Powerful Lifestyle.

If you’ve not yet experienced the impact that becoming a member of an elite-level Mastermind can have on all areas of your life, it’s time for you to unlock your potential. In The High Performance Mastermind, you’ll connect with a group of highly-motivated, extraordinarily successful individuals who are all committed to growing both personally and professionally.

You may be wondering whether you have the time necessary to commit to meeting with a Mastermind, which is why The High Performance Mastermind is conducted virtually. Through online video-conference sessions, you will engage with the world’s elite from the comfort of your own home. Inside the mastermind, brilliant minds will meet to foster exponential growth and transformative change, to drive results, and to help you attain your goals through accountability. This Mastermind is the virtual equivalent to having your own Board of Directors, Peer Mentorship Group, and Elite Coaching Experience, all encompassed in a single solution. 

The High Performance Mastermind Will Give You the Support You Need to EXCEL in Life.

Within The Mastermind, you’ll gain focus and clarity, learn to bolster your levels of productivity, and build your influence and impact. Even better, you’ll do this alongside other motivated, driven world-changers, who will become your trusted colleagues and cherished friends. Within this year-long Mastermind, you’ll receive:

  • Monthly Virtual Masterminding Sessions - for peer support and accountability. All Mastermind Sessions are conducted via Video-conference so you can see and interact with the other members of the group.
  • Six Months of One-on-One High Performance Coaching with Juan Carlos Arzola - private coaching sessions to exponentially increase your results from the program.
  • 2-Hour Intensive Coaching Session with Juan Carlos Arzola to cover your questions and map out your plan for upleveling your life.
  • Specific strategies to increase your influence and impact both at work and within your family.
  • Exclusive connections with elite individuals selected to participate in The Mastermind.
  • Support, insight and collaboration from the relationships formed within The Mastermind.
  • Increased confidence and clarity in your purpose and mission.
  • Access to all recorded Mastermind Sessions so that you’ll never miss the valuable wisdom shared by the other members even if you are absent from a particular Session.
  • Private Facebook Group to foster constant connection with your Mastermind Partners.
  • Several Weekend Retreats throughout the year to connect with group members in person.
  • Tickets to Brendon Burchard’s High Performance Academy and World’s Greatest Speaker trainings.
  • Quarterly Guest Expert Sessions with millionaire and billionaire business-owners.
  • Alumni Access to meet and connect with past Mastermind Clients.  

Join the High Performance Mastermind To Uplevel All Areas of Your Life!

Are you ready to make THIS the year that everything shifts? The year that you find clarity? The year that you increase your productivity? The year that you strengthen your relationships? The year that you exponentially increase your income? The year that you begin to build your legacy?

You’re in the right place. Joining The High Performance Mastermind can be the key to your success in life and in business.

However, this opportunity isn’t for everyone.  There are only TEN spots within The High Performance Mastermind, and they are by application only. The quality of the group is closely guarded, and you must have attained a certain level of success to be considered for entry into the program. *Please note that you must earn six figures annually minimum to qualify for The Mastermind due to the investment required.*

If you desire to be surrounded by high-caliber individuals who are all ready to take their significance to the next level, and to help YOU maximize your own potential, then click here to apply for the Mastermind (link to the application document).  If your Application indicates that you are a qualified candidate, you will be contacted to schedule an interview with our team.  

Why Join The High Performance Mastermind?

Support: Within The High Performance Mastermind, you are never alone. You’ll have a strong support system of peers who can listen, understand, and validate your feelings and ideas.

Guidance:  The Mastermind will expose you to information that will allow you to make informed, measured decisions when you’re facing a turning point in life or business. You’ll receive powerful feedback from your peers and from Juan Carlos Arzola that will help you navigate whatever challenge or obstacle you may be facing.

Collaboration: You’ll find new colleagues and potential business partners in The Mastermind, and you’ll be able to draw on the powerful connections you’ll form to cross-promote each other’s products and services.

New Perspectives: The Mastermind brings together a group of high-caliber individuals from many different walks of life. You will learn to think bigger and stretch beyond your boundaries when you open your mind to the experiences of your Mastermind partners.

Empowerment: Reach your greatest potential through exponential growth and learn to increase your self-confidence and self-esteem. Within The Mastermind, you’ll dedicate yourself to making a shift from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  

Accountability: The Mastermind will help you implement the knowledge you gain and follow through on your action plans. You’ll get more done in less time, and the things you do will all lead you toward your big vision.

Mentoring: Juan Carlos and the guest experts who speak within The High Performance Mastermind will help you increase your skills and productivity. You’ll benefit from elite-level coaches and trainers who will assist you in building your business and maximizing your fulfillment in life.

A note from Juan Carlos:

I know you that your time is at a premium. You desire lasting results, and you want to get them as quickly as possible. You are willing to work, but you want to work effectively. I understand. The High Performance Mastermind is a group of individuals dedicated to reaching extraordinary heights of personal and professional fulfillment. I’ve studied underneath the world’s top productivity and personal development experts, and I’ve distilled all the knowledge I’ve gained into powerful coaching that you’ll receive when you join The Mastermind.  From private High Performance Coaching Session, to monthly Mastermind video-conferences, to live events, you’ll have the complete support you need to build a life of lasting significance. I hope you’ll make the choice to invest in yourself so that future generations can be blessed by the work you do this year.


Juan Carlos Arzola



Learn how easy growing exponentially can be.  You explore new strategies. You discover different perspectives. You experience greater relationships! That's our way.