Welcome! I’m Juan Carlos Arzola, an international coach, mentor, author, entrepreneur and speaker who is passionate about helping you build a life of lasting significance.

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The clients I serve have already attained “success” by any outside measure. They’ve built empires, earned more money than most people have ever dreamed of, and obtained prestigious positions.

Yet, when these successful clients come my way, they are already beginning to recognize that they have sacrificed lasting SIGNIFICANCE for fleeting SUCCESS.

Through my private coaching and mentoring, you will bring every area of your life into alignment with your core values. Coaching will help you clarify your ideal outcomes, pursue your purpose with resolve and fortitude, and touch the lives of thousands through your own life-changing work in the world

Many people achieve success by the world’s measures. They make a lot of money, build massive companies, and obtain prestigious positions.

What I desire to help my clients attain is a life of SIGNIFICANCE.

Success is defined as “the attainment of popularity or profit.”

Significance is “the meaning to be found in an event.”

In my own life, I’ve had lots to celebrate. I’ve had the beautiful wife, the multi-million dollar company, the luxury automobiles. Yet I’d describe those things as markers of “success,” and, quite frankly, not even my own markers. These are the things that the outside world told me I would need to feel happy and fulfilled.


Thankfully, God allowed me to lose these outward markers of success so that I could learn to bolster my inward barometer of significance! When the economy collapsed in 2008, I lost my company, my marriage, and many of the "perks" of my world-class lifestyle.

However, the things I GAINED were priceless: resilience, gratitude, and PURPOSE!

Here are just a few of the lessons I learned during that time:

  • Relationships are some of the best investments you will ever make in life. In particular, your relationship with yourself is key. I learned to forgive myself, love myself, and appreciate myself no matter what life placed in my path.
  • I can build another business empire. All of the skills that gave me the ability to build an extraordinarily successful construction company are found within my heart and mind. No property settlement agreement or stock market crash can ever take those away.
  • Freedom and fulfillment are found not by reaching the height of worldly success, but by achieving true significance and lasting influence.

Once I had made the distinction between success and significance in my own life, I set out to help other high-achieving individuals build meaningful lives marked by true fulfillment.  I work with my clients to move them through any past limitations so they can embrace the possibility of the present.  

Many of my clients have reached the pinnacle of their chosen professions, and I support them by studying alongside the world’s top personal growth and leadership experts. My trainings, certifications, and qualifications include:

  • Certified High Performance Coach™.
  • Certified John C. Maxwell Coach, Speaker, and Trainer.
  • Certified via Bob Proctor’s Matrixx Program on Consciousness, Creativity and Connections.
  • Certified on The Intuition System by The Silva Method.
  • High Performance Mastermind Programs with Brendon Burchard.
  • World's Greatest Speaker Training with Brendon Burchard,  Roger Love, Bo Eason.
  • One Day To Greatness LIVE with Jack Canfield.
  • Experts Academy with Brendon Burchard.
  • Trained under Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Robin Sharma, Frank Kern, Les Brown and Tony Robbins.
  • Best-Selling Author of "The Big Question" - How to Sustain Long Term Success; with Larry King.
  • Author of "The Success Start" 7 Principles to Make a Life of Significance.
  • Interviewed on several national and international TV and radio stations including CNN, FOX NEWS, CNBC, FOX, CBS, ABC, NBC.
  • Times Square Today TV Show, New York.
  • Speaker at The Forum Global Entrepreneurship Initiative at the United Nations Headquarters.
  • Executive Producer of "A Voice of a Generation" with Larry King.

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"You have success.  It's time... Make your mark.  On someone. On history. On culture....  choose a life of significance!"

- Juan Carlos Arzola

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[BEHIND THE SCENES] With Jack Canfield

From these folks and many others, I am always learning new things each day and exponentially expand new ideas about what it means to live a fully successful and meaningul life.

Bob Proctor

John Maxwell

Brendon Burchard

Jack Canfield

Mary Morrissey

Les Brown

Dean Graziosi

Joe Polish

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Professional Biography:  Juan Carlos Arzola is a Certified High Performance Coach™, speaker, author of The Success Start, and creator of the High Performance Mastermind Program. He works with high-performing individuals to help them build a life of lasting significance. He has been featured on several TV and radio stations; and personally trained and mentored by leading experts in the personal growth field including John C. Maxwell, Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy and Brendon Burchard. Juan Carlos serves from a place of authenticity with contagious enthusiasm. Under his guidance, his clients, readers and audiences are able to break through any limiting beliefs and embrace the possibility of the present.


A Note on Contribution:

I believe that any life of significance involves service to others. The is why a portion of the royalties earned from my book, The Success Start, will be donated to Missions For The Nations Foundation (missionsforthenations.org), a not for profit Christian organization dedicated to providing education, health and food to children. I give not only through my finances, but also through my time and presence, visiting several countries several times each year to assist with mission efforts.

When you link arms with me, I will help you create a life of significance so that you can leave a lasting impact through powerful contribution.

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