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Are you tired of spending time, money, physical effort and mental energy finding clients - only to see that potential business fizzle out far too fast?  You're not alone!

Our high performance online mastermind will arm you with a new, proven, supercharged growth strategy so you (and your team) can use your authentic connective power to attract, convert and keep your ideal clients.

You'll gain and retain:

NEW PERSPECTIVE that broadens your view and opens you to more advanced levels of thinking.

NEW STRATEGIES, along with life-changing, advanced tools to make implementation easy profoundly effective.

NEW CONNECTIONS and influential friendships that open doors to the next level of life and achievement.  



You know you have so much to offer in the form of your products and/or services, but you don't know how to share the benefits of your unique offerings with the world in a compelling way that makes people stop in their tracks and say, "I need that NOW!"

Together in our Intensives Sessions, we'll take a deep dive into The Ultimate Freedom System:  your personal time, your financial freedom, your work mission, your place and your people, so by the end of the day you walk out with a solid, complete A to Z game plan on how to execute your business.

You'll work in focused, 1-on-1 sessions with Juan Carlos to formulate your personalized success plan, which includes:

Ideal Client Strategies

Getting Clarity And Amplifying Influence

High Performance And Human Drives

Ultimate Freedom Framework 



When you're crystal clear about where you want your business to go,  you're more likely to get there.

As an entrepreneur, it's your role to create and design the future of your company looks - so your team, clients, shareholders, stakeholders and community can get on board to help you turn that vision into a reality.


When we collaborate, our solutions get better, our reach gets longer and our mission is more attainable. Our unique blend of proven peak performance techniques help you ramp up FAST; our trusted community of like-minded high achievers help you go FAR. You’ll move out of inertia into an enhanced trajectory in your business and personal life for greater impact and success.




... having a team of high-end online marketers that will take on the heavy lifting of finding you qualified clients so you can get more done... faster.

... a marketing team that does more than just take orders: they understand your entire business structure so that all your messaging and promotion aligns with you, your voice, your brand - speaking directly to your ideal clients.

... a team of experts that not only knows, but really and deeply understands your vision and mission AND goes above and beyond to help you achieve it.

... having a team to help you test, tweak, optimize and amplify your marketing so that you can grow your client base exponentially and scale your impact on the world... faster.

... being able to strategize with advanced high-level online marketers that help several 5, 6 and even 7-figure companies build out their promotional strategy.



If you're the entrepreneur who sees massive value in learning influence and other effective techniques to expand your impact on your own, but just want to speed up the learning and growing process...  then these different products are for you:

Transformation Week - Four days of transformative next level retreat... on several levels.

Become Certified - Institute Diploma of a global signature coaching training program.



If you're a business owner who wants to go to the next you and your team can reach critical goals, from massive and overarching to targeted and specific -  then these unique offerings are for you:

Coaching from the inside out, proven to excavate deep, authentic insights from you and your team.

Training from the outside in, to fill you up with new perspective, new strategies and new tools.



If you're a global visionary who leads by example and is looking to build new relationships that will open different doors for more opportunities to better impact the world... you will love this:

Global Leaders - Exclusive opportunity of a lifetime to join a Global Advisory Peer Group for World Leaders as elite external advisor.

Advisory Boards - Working together with Presidents, Vice-Presidents, Prime Ministers or any global leader's current advisory team to bring a new perspective, expertise and experience in order to make a significant impact on a global level, for the good of humankind.


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