WORKSHOPS Accelerated: Farther and Broader

The High Achievers you dream about - Together

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When you're crystal clear about where you want your business to go,  you're more likely to get there.

As an entrepreneur, it's your role to create and design the future of your company looks - so your team, clients, shareholders, stakeholders and community can get on board to help you turn that vision into a reality.


When we collaborate, our solutions get better, our reach gets longer and our mission is more attainable. Our unique blend of proven peak performance techniques help you ramp up FAST; our trusted community of like-minded high achievers help you go FAR. You’ll move out of inertia into an enhanced trajectory in your business and personal life for greater impact and success.

Upgrade your thoughts, discipline, and relationships, and you upgrade your life. Learn the strategies and techniques to break through personal and professional plateaus and move on to lead a rich life. Juan Carlos’ Signature World-Class Mastery Programs give you all you need to expand your influence, impact and success, and leave a lasting legacy that matters. Each results-driven program is a six-month commitment with biweekly small-group learning sessions.

  1. HIGH PERFORMANCE: Achieve more - success is about you.
  2. HUMAN DRIVES: Feel alive - happiness, love deeply.
  3. FREEDOM MATTERS: Think different - joy, live fully.
  4. LASTING LEGACY: Finish well - significance is about others.


Learn how easy growing exponentially can be.  You explore new strategies. You discover different perspectives. You experience greater relationships! That's our way.